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Seattle-based producer/engineer/composer/musician PJ Newman explores the dizzying soundscapes he has been creating since 1982. Joined by saxophonists Jessica Lurie & Sue Oldfield (Living Daylights, The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet), bluegrass maverick Danny Barnes (Bad Livers), drummer Ben Smith (Heart) and Irish Fiddle superstar Martin Hayes, his self-described style of “Blind Overdubbing” and “I Ching Mixing” set the stage for lush, dynamic and surprising musical adventures reminiscent of Fred Frith, Marc Ribot & John Zorn


1. Fanfare For Both Paws 1:39
2. To Zooey, For All Of The Things I Never Had The Chance To Say To You, Love Jazz 10:26
3. Son Of Chinese Water Torture 8:20
4. I Did Not Dream Of Playing Golf 1:43
5. Roosevelt Hotel / F**k The Blues 18:32
6. Sizzling Tiger Music 10:19
7. Fanfare For Both Paws (reprise) 5:15
8. You’re Surrounded (super Secret Hidden Track!)


PJ Newman – Guitars/keyboards/percussion
Jessica Lurie – Saxophones
Sue Orfield – Tenor Saxophone
Ben Smith – Drums

Martin Hayes – Violin

Danny Barnes – Banjo

Garey Shelton – Bass
J Todd Dunnigan – Keyboards/percussion
John Morton – Guitars
David Marriott – Trombone
Thomas Marriott – Trumpet
Christian Koppenhafer – Vocal Stylings
Sam Maynard – Synthesizers
Kelly Davis – Synthesizer & Percussions


Produced & Directed by Pj Newman

Associates with Producer: Garey Shelton
Engineered & Mixed by PJ at The Klingon Science Reading Room, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Garey Shelton at his studio, Seattle, WA
Roosevelt Hotel/f**k The Blues was recorded live @ The Tractor Tavern, 31 July, 1996 by John Saba On The Dog Girl Remote
Photography: Rick Carroll & PJ
Cover Layout: John Bishop