by Craig Matsumoto, KZSU

Jazzy sax solos over odd synth soundscapes. Newman starts with sampled sounds and synth washes, overlaying a concretely jazzy soloist — often Jessica Lurie, a saxophonist with an adventurous but accessible style (check out her pop/fusion band, Living Daylights). A mix of thoughtfulness and fun jamming.

This doesn’t apply to Track 5 (see below).

1- Slow, pretty sax tones
2- Bright sax wanderings over synthy soundscape. Cool hand drums join in later.
3- Spare guitar over water droplets. Slow and meditative.
4- Like “danger” music from a movie soundtrack. Small synth piece
5- Eh? It’s a ROCK SONG, bluesy, even rollicking, with lyrics and a horn section. With a slow bar-band jam, packed with solos, that stretches the time to 18 minutes! Totally out of left field. I love it.
6- A lonely jam, slow. Like #2 but with two saxes and a darker, more experimental feel.
7- Reprise of #1, ends after 1:35. Then a pause and the “hidden track” at -3:15: An upbeat synth number, recalling the closing credits of “Buckaroo Banzai.”

….. Not that it’s related, but Graham Connah as a CD with a similar pun title: My Dog Has Fleas. It’s a fun jazz romp, similar in attitude to this one (but more “directly” jazz, no soundscape work). Jessica Lurie doesn’t appear on that one but she’s probably acquainted with Connah.