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Me Again | PJ Newman

Hey, It’s Me Again

Boy, this is becoming a habit. Oh, did I catch you In the middle of anything? Sorry, I’ll make this brief.

First, no, I did not find your sunglasses. I’ll look again in the morning.

Next, believe it or not, I’ve heard from 2 faithful readers out there in like a day or maybe 2. The first was a reply looking for a referral for Prolotherapy for her dog. She was impressed by Research Assistant Mifune’s miraculous recovery and wanted to know where we went. I’m pretty sure I mentioned the clinic, but for those of you who need a reminder, it’s called Back On Track Veterinary Rehab in Portland, Oregon. The other 2 practitioners that I know of are Dr. Michael Lemmon in Burien, Washington. Panzer said this guy pretty much wrote the book on Vet Prolotherapy and he teaches and lectures.
I think.
I may be wrong.
The other is in Boise, Idaho where my folks take their quadrupeds. Her name is Dr. Patricia Saras at Animal Healing Center. She pulled my dad’s dog through cancer using a naturopathic chemotherapy with none of the typical nasty side effects that usually accompany chemo.
If you can’t find their numbers, let me know and I’ll forward them along.

Next, I heard from old Steve Young, Youngblood to those in the know. I’ve known Steve since I had all of my hair and he is one damned fine guitarist. Don’t think I ever saw him not smile, either. Long time reader, first time heckler. Great hearing from you Steve.

Did I mention that my buddy Stemi Root sent me a copy of my first release? Think so. Finally popped it in the old Nakamichi.
Geez, what a blast. Seriously, I haven’t listened to some of that stuff in over 20 years. I think Standing Is Stupid is coming up on 30 years now. Maybe not as newsworthy as when Born To Run or Darkness On The Edge Of Town hit that mark, but then again, I didn’t record those fine, fine albums.
It sort of comes back now. I recall recording most of it armed with just a guitar, synthesizer, 4-track cassette and either a pair of headphones or some really cheap and tiny speakers. I remember borrowing Rob Rio’s bass and his amazing Fender Jazzmaster as well.
There was also another tape of unreleased and rough demo stuff of pieces that came out on later projects. Some tone poems I don’t remember at all. Now I get to go through about 30 4-track tapes.
Hey Eddie Nevins, are you out there? Last I knew he went back to New York (?) to join FDNY with most of his family. Haven’t talked to him/you since, what 1983 or 84. Man, I’m really sorry that I let you down. Really sorry. I hope you’re doing well and didn’t get caught up in all of that nastiness 10 years ago. Knowing you, you would’ve been the first one in. If you see this, please get in touch with me.
Anyway, I plan to re-mix and master the first record (the title came from a Shel Silverstein poem) and maybe release it.

After listening, I called Tim McGovern, my old mentor and boss from the Burning Sensation days. He played on a few pieces and was quite an inspiration back then. I’ll always be indebted to him for letting me tag along for the ride. Same goes for Andy Krikun of Andy & The Rattlesnakes fame and Dave Jerden, world famous engineer and producer.

Sorry, I’m babbling. Go back to sleep.